Javier Ferran (CE Lic&Master 79)
Javier Ferran (CE Lic&Master 79)Chairman of the Board of Directors at IAG
Juan Carlos De Balle (CE Lic&Master 80)
Juan Carlos De Balle (CE Lic&Master 80)Lieutenant, Lieutenancy of Eastern Spain of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
Pere Regull (MBA 87)
Pere Regull (MBA 87)Corporate and Operations General Manager at Leitat Technological Center
Narcis De Carreras (CE Lic&Master 91)
Narcis De Carreras (CE Lic&Master 91)CEO of Nedgia-Naturgy Group
Juan Luis Sabando (PT MBA 93)
Juan Luis Sabando (PT MBA 93)Leroy Merlin Key Account and Business Manager
David Cerqueda (ADE Lic&MBA 98)
David Cerqueda (ADE Lic&MBA 98)Director General of AFA - Andorran Financial Authority
Mikel Álava (EMBA 04)
Mikel Álava (EMBA 04)Country Manager of RS Iberia at RS Components
Sergi González (MBA PT 04)
Sergi González (MBA PT 04)Director of Digital Business Commercial Operations at The Mail Company
José Francisco Rodríguez (EMBA 06)
José Francisco Rodríguez (EMBA 06) Presidente de Revista CAPITAL
Oriol Ruiz (MBA 06)
Oriol Ruiz (MBA 06)VP Consultancy & Applications at Getronics
María Luisa García (MP-Desarrollo Estratégico de Personas y de Negocio 06)
María Luisa García (MP-Desarrollo Estratégico de Personas y de Negocio 06)Human Resources Director for Spain and Portugal and Deputy Director of the Corporate Human Resources Department of the Eulen Group
Josep Maria Recasens (PT MBA 07)
Josep Maria Recasens (PT MBA 07)General Secretary, Director of Strategy and Public Affairs at SEAT
Francesc Ricart (EMBA 07)
Francesc Ricart (EMBA 07)Director of Human Resources at the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu in Esplugues
Toni Zapater (Dirección y Gestión Turística 08)
Toni Zapater (Dirección y Gestión Turística 08)CEO at Slow Life Hotels
Carlos Bogónez (EMMV 08)
Carlos Bogónez (EMMV 08)Spain Sales Manager at EAE Group
Jorge Valls (EMBA 09)
Jorge Valls (EMBA 09)Managing Director EMEA, Sales Western Europe GDSG at Henry Schein
Mariano Hervás (MBA PT 10)
Mariano Hervás (MBA PT 10)CFO & Corporate Services Director de Grandvalira - SAETDE
Mentxu Triviño (GAMP 12)
Mentxu Triviño (GAMP 12)Vice President Merchant Acquisition and Development at SafetyPay
Dirk Saseta (MBA PT 13)
Dirk Saseta (MBA PT 13)Promotion and Management Area General Manager at LEITAT Technological Center
Adrián Arévalo (Lic&ADE 13)
Adrián Arévalo (Lic&ADE 13)Deputy CEO at Bindi Ibérica
Adolfo Santa-Olalla (MBA 14)
Adolfo Santa-Olalla (MBA 14)President of AEDPAC
Sonia Pacheco (EMDB 14)
Sonia Pacheco (EMDB 14)EMEA Head of Marketing & Comms at Globant
Alessandra Beccaria (BBA 15)
Alessandra Beccaria (BBA 15)Private Banker at Edmond de Rothschild
Roberto Boasso (MMM 15)
Roberto Boasso (MMM 15)Technical Product Manager at JobCloud
Claudia Muñoz (BBA 16)
Claudia Muñoz (BBA 16)Finance Associate (SMS Banking Products) at BNP Paribas
Lourenço Reynolds de Sousa (FT MBA 19)
Lourenço Reynolds de Sousa (FT MBA 19)Senior Strategy & Business Development Consultant at Quadis
Álvaro Muñoz (EMBA 19)
Álvaro Muñoz (EMBA 19)President of the Ibiza Leisure Association
Izaskun Ibietatorremendía de Cascante (Promociona 7.2)
Izaskun Ibietatorremendía de Cascante (Promociona 7.2)Deputy Vice President Access Solutions at Dormakaba Iberia