Emili Rousaud (Lic&MBA 90/ AGT 96)
Emili Rousaud (Lic&MBA 90/ AGT 96)Women Special Collections Director at MANGO
Mar Pieltain (AMP 19)
Mar Pieltain (AMP 19)Managing Director of Lexus Spain
Ignasi Casas (MBA FT 93)
Ignasi Casas (MBA FT 93)Director of Economic and Social Development and Management of the Ibiza Island Council
Marisol García (LISON 08/ Promociona 15)
Marisol García (LISON 08/ Promociona 15)Assistant Director General of Tomillo Foundation
Javier Fernández-Pacheco (EMDF 10)
Javier Fernández-Pacheco (EMDF 10)Professor of Corporate Finance at CIEE Barcelona
Mercedes Vázquez (AMP 13/ indIGITAL 14)
Mercedes Vázquez (AMP 13/ indIGITAL 14)People and Culture Management at B2Holding Spain
Paola Bozzo (BBA 17)
Paola Bozzo (BBA 17)Product Lead for EMEA at Google
Ana Rubio (MBA PT 08)
Ana Rubio (MBA PT 08)Head of Digital and Customer Activation Western Europe at Henkel Adhesive Technologies ACM
Simon José Coronilla (Corporate Finance 17)
Simon José Coronilla (Corporate Finance 17)M&A Associate at Corum Group