International events and social meetings

International conferences and social meetings


Communication isn’t as simple as saying what you mean. Preliminary results from Partners in Leadership research confirm this finding: Women above men still struggle to find their voice in the room. So how can professional women assert themselves, overcoming this fear and project confidence in the workplace? During a special event organized by the Esade Alumni Zurich Chapter, Esade professor Katharine D’Amico shared 10 key topics focused on Linguistic Style & Techniques to improve the way we express ourselves.  After this theoretical session, the alumni had the opportunity to learn more from the personal and professional experience of successful women working in top technology positions with Simmone Frömming, Director Enterprise Customers at Microsoft; Regine Schlumberger, Senior Account Executive at Adobe Systems (Schweiz) GmbH; Priska Burkard, Co- Founder at & Skillsfinder AG and Head of Operations of Girlsintech Switzerland; Gabriel Mueller Mendoza, Director, Executive Coach, Author who empowers diversitiy in technology and engineering. The panel was moderated by Ana Paula Tediosi, Owner and General manager of Birdhaus Social and President of the Professional Women Group, Zurich.


The Esade Alumni Shanghai Chapter presented their event: Social Media Disclosure and Reputational Damage, a talk by Esade professor Giulia Redigolo. During this session, she explored what happened during the Libor scandal and how corporations and banks (not only individuals) use and exploit social media. Giulia is an Assistant Professor of the Accounting at Esade Business School. Before joining Esade, she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Padua (Italy) and held a visiting position at Emory University, Goizueta Business School (USA).


The Esade Alumni Valencia Club organised an event with Esade Business School and Esade Alumni, where the academic director Andrés Raya presented the Programme for Leadership Development. During the event, Xavier Mena, Director and Professor in the Esade Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, gave the talk “Financial and economic Outlook for 2020 – managing the downswing”.

San Francisco

On January The Esade Alumni San Francisco Chapter organized their “Founders insights about how to build high-growth companies” event. Dr. Jan Brinckmann, director of the Esade Entrepreneurship Lab and academic director of the Esade Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Andrew N. Green, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz one of the world’s top Venture Capital funds, had been in San Francisco, on January 8th, with a group of students visiting the local start-up scene and joining the Esade Alumi community. This has been a great opportunity to learn about the dynamics behind high-growth ventures, make new connections with current students, and enjoy a wonderful evening together.

Esade Alumni gives you the chance to take part in its webinars

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the current worldwide situation, some of our sessions will now take place as a webinar. We’re glad to find this kind of solutions thanks to the technology and be able to keep promoting knowledge through e-learning. During these days at home we do not want the learning process to stop. Seize this opportunity to stay in touch with knowledge and experts in different fields.

And if you have not been able to register, check the workshop in the Content Hub

On 25th March: Coronavirus and its effects on expats and immigration

With the outbreak of coronavirus in Spain and the establishment of the Alarm State, the lives of foreigners living in Spain have been dramatically affected. Throughout this webinar, we analyzed how this unprecedented situation is affecting the different immigration procedures and how the legal status of those expats who are living in Spain will change, focusing basically on the student status, but also exploring alternative paths. The webinar has been hosted by Cristian Balcells, CEO of Balcells Group.

On 25th March: Designing business through brand experiences

In an increasingly complex and fast-moving market, the brand experience we offer our customers is our key differentiation from competitors. Designing experiences allows us to encompass right from the beginning an incorporation of traceability, management and customer loyalty. The webinar was hosted by Marc Guitart, business designer and brand consultant. He is the founder and CEO of Brandcelona® and Brandlond®, a business creative consultancy agency, as well as a lecturer in various international business schools.

On 31th March: Leading wellbeing and high performance strategies for individuals and teams in complex times

Leading our individual and team wellbeing is a must in the today’s scenario that we are living. In the moments we are facing it is extremely important to implement wellbeing and high performance strategies in an agile, flexible and effective manner towards ourselves as leaders, and towards our teams within our organizations. This webinar provides the framework, tools and mindset to train personal and professional wellbeing to leaders and professionals who are interested in navigating these moments at their best, contributing with their best to their organizations, families and environment. Sonia Úbeda is founder of Embrace & Lead and her mission is to inspire, train and develop wellbeing lifestyles and cultures for professionals and organizations, helping them to implement strategies to lead and work from their wellbeing developing their conscious leadership as well.

Conferences and social meetings around the world

International conferences and social meetings London Leadership is far more than a desired position and a matter of simply being qualified in managing groups of people. It is also about developing and sharing your human qualities and values. The conference “Dare to be an Authentic Leader!”, organized by the Esade Alumni London Chapter, [...]

II ESADE Alumni Forum in Latin America

II ESADE Alumni Forum in Latin America International ESADE Alumni meetings are among the most highly anticipated events of the year for the entire ESADE alumni network. For the second ESADE Alumni Forum in Latin America, Colombia was chosen as the meeting point – specifically, the city of Bogotá, to have the chance [...]

International Events

International conferences and meetings ESADE Alumni Experience Day in Dubai ESADE Alumni and ESADE Business School joined forces to organize the ESADE Alumni Experience Day in Dubai, an event open to ESADE alumni and also all the people living in the United Arab Emirates and other countries nearby interested in innovation, strategy and [...]

International Conferences and Social Meetings

International conferences and social meetings London KPMG created a Brexit team after the vote to ensure it could support their clients and help EU citizens understand their options better. As part of that initiative, the ESADE Alumni London Chapter had the opportunity, on February 21st, to listen to Punam Birly,Employment & Immigration Partner at KPMG [...]

International Conferences and Social Meetings

International conferences and social meetings Düsseldorf The ESADE Alumni Düsseldorf Chapter coordinated the first event of the 2018-19 academic year in conjunction with ICEX. The session 

Internationalization: beyond strategy, cultural differences, a talk by Josu Egea at the Economic Office of the Spanish Consulate, took a look at cultural differences from the [...]

International Conferences and Social Meetings

International Conferences and Social Meetings Tel Aviv The ESADE Alumni Tel Aviv Chapter organized the Tel Aviv Talent Night at the Campus Tel Aviv.

 As the start-up nation of the world, Israel and particularly Tel Aviv are known for being amongst the strongest players on the scene. Have you ever wondered why? [...]

International conferences and meetings

International conferences and social meetings Paris The Spanish Embassy in Paris opened its doors to ESADE Alumni for one of the most emblematic event of the 2017-18 academic year on Monday December 4th 2017. On this occasion the alumni had the pleasure of meeting the ambassador Mr Fernando Carderera.

 The Spanish embassy, [...]


International conferences and social meetings Milan The ESADE Alumni Italy Chapter in partnership with Startup Grind Milano, hosted Salvatore Aranzulla, the most well-known Italian computer adviser and the founder of Market leader in the computer news segment, is one of 30 most visited sites in Italy: every day, 500,000 people [...]

International conferences and social meetings

International conferences and social meetings Switzerland The ESADE Alumni Switzerland Chapter organized the conference ''Do you dare to overcome yourself? Transform your life to find your direction, balance, and joy'' by Alexandra Panayotou, motivational speaker and executive guide/coach, in Geneva. We are capable of so much more than we imagine. We hold [...]