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Who is Who

Who is who

Thiago Oliveira (MBA 06)
Thiago Oliveira (MBA 06)Global Human Resources Director, Franchise Development at Deputy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson
Gerard Guiu (EMPA 08/Lic&MD 02)
Gerard Guiu (EMPA 08/Lic&MD 02)Director of Public Affairs and Institucional Relations at Futbol Club Barcelona (New York office)
Andrea Bifulco (MMM 12)
Andrea Bifulco (MMM 12)Start-up Grind Director for the Chapter of Milan
Alberto Almendres (MP-SEP 06)
Alberto Almendres (MP-SEP 06)Managing Director at SM PERU
Masato Nakamura (MBA 16)
Masato Nakamura (MBA 16)Operations Manager at Anheuser-Nusch InBev
Elisabet Ricart (BBA 14/ MMM 15)
Elisabet Ricart (BBA 14/ MMM 15)Strategic Revenue Manager (Baltics, Balkan and Adriatic region) at Mars
Marco Queue (MBA-FAE 01)
Marco Queue (MBA-FAE 01)Senior Management Consultant at Mercuri Urval

ESADE Alumni Professional Guidance

ESADE Alumni Professional Guidance We boast professionals with vast experience in human resources, executive development and career management who can help you solve any doubt regarding these and other issues: - Strategic career management: design of a career plan, professional project or self-knowledge plan - Transition management and job-searching strategy - Employment market; salary and [...]

II Germany ESADE Alumni Meeting

II Germany ESADE Alumni Meeting Monetisation, a subject traditionally and erroneously neglected in the corporate and business world, was the focal point of the ESADE Alumni Refresher Programme talk "In praise of smarter monetisation" given by Marco Bertini, director and associate professor in ESADE’s Department of Marketing Management during the II Germany [...]

International conferences and social meetings

International conferences and social meetings New York City Around 60 alumni had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the future strategies and business models of FC Barcelona, LaLiga, NBA and MLS (Major League Soccer) at the FC Barcelona HQ in New York in an event chaired by Jose Angel Abad, journalist at [...]

ESADE Alumni Singapore Chapter

ESADE Alumni Singapore Chapter Tianyu Xu (MIM 11) came from China to study a Master's Degree in International Management and CEMS at ESADE in 2010. After graduating, he worked in the field of social media and he is currently part of Twitter's Asia-Pacific research team. He has been living in Singapore for 3 [...]

Leading strategic change

Leading strategic change Strategic Change is a complex process. Considering that we are facing times of great uncertainty and constant change, the executives tackling these processes should take the opportunity to lay the foundations of a new corporate culture which is more open to change. It is getting harder to predict the [...]

Nathalie Armengol Vilas (Lic&MBA 98), Deputy President of PDV Global

Nathalie Armengol Vilas (Lic&MBA 98), Deputy President of PDV Global Nathalie loves working in big cities. She has worked in Paris, Glasgow, Barcelona, Shanghai and now in Mexico City discovering new cultures, different ways of life, ways of thinking…that has helped her better understand the world. Now in Mexico she is finding the [...]

Mike Morroni (MBA 06) Vice President of Global Sales at TMF Group

Mike Morroni (MBA 06), Vice President of Global Sales at TMF Group Mike Morroni is the Sub Regional Director of Business Development in the Americas at TMF Group.  His more than 15 years of experience include leadership roles in New York, London, Miami, and Hong Kong in some of the world’s largest financial services companies. [...]

David Holtmann (MBA 06), Managing Director at Accenture Strategy

David Holtmann (MBA 06), Managing Director at Accenture Strategy David joined Accenture Strategy Switzerland more than 4 years ago. Now he lives in Zurich, a small but vibrant city, but in the past he implemented several projects in emerging markets working for Globalpraxis, Oliver Wyman and DiamondCluster. For him, pursuing an international career [...]