Who is who

Thiago Oliveira (MBA 06)
Thiago Oliveira (MBA 06)Global Human Resources Director, Franchise Development at Deputy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson
Gerard Guiu (EMPA 08/Lic&MD 02)
Gerard Guiu (EMPA 08/Lic&MD 02)Director of Public Affairs and Institucional Relations at Futbol Club Barcelona (New York office)
Andrea Bifulco (MMM 12)
Andrea Bifulco (MMM 12)Start-up Grind Director for the Chapter of Milan
Alberto Almendres (MP-SEP 06)
Alberto Almendres (MP-SEP 06)Managing Director at SM PERU
Masato Nakamura (MBA 16)
Masato Nakamura (MBA 16)Operations Manager at Anheuser-Nusch InBev
Elisabet Ricart (BBA 14/ MMM 15)
Elisabet Ricart (BBA 14/ MMM 15)Strategic Revenue Manager (Baltics, Balkan and Adriatic region) at Mars
Marco Queue (MBA-FAE 01)
Marco Queue (MBA-FAE 01)Senior Management Consultant at Mercuri Urval