Referrals Service

Who do you want to contact with?

ESADE Alumni has launched a new service so that when you need someone as a reference (for mobility, functional, support and entrepreneurial issues), you can find them easily.

  • Functions

To ensure career development, it is essential for alumni to make, increase and maintain professional contacts. Contact alumni able to provide professional contact or knowledge about people working in a specific industry or function.

  • Geography

The World is getting smaller and distances shorter every day.  ESADE Alumni is a global network with 12 regional clubs (8.257 alumni) and 64 international chapters (18.000 alumni), get in touch with alumni no matter where they are.

  • Entrepreneur

Alumni Entrepreneurship acts as a catalyst for enterprise in society by channelling suplí and demand between entrepreneurs and investors, facilitating contact between them and ensuring a good match. Contact entrepreneurs and investors who can help you create your enterprise, get finance for your Start-up, find a contact.

  • Giving back

Many ESADE alumni have managerial positions and their business activities and decisions can help make the World fairer and more sustainable. In this section you can contact alumni in the third sector.

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