International conferences and social meetings around Covid-19

We’re living through unprecedentedly challenging times.  Quite possible for the first time in our lives we are all facing previously unexperienced situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many Esade Alumni Chapters around the world have been very active organizing virtual meetings to discuss its broad consequences. We present some special COVID-19 events that have taken place.


How to thrive during and after Corona


The Esade Alumni Germany Chapters organized an online webinar of the region on Tuesday June 16thto discuss how the current situation is very challenging in different areas of our lives. How can you use your psychological abilities, capabilities and resources in order to increase your wellbeing and performance? The webinar took a look at auto-efficiency, optimism, hope and resilience and how to develop them in a way that helps you to attain post-crisis growth. Julia Kaysersberg, a Strength Coach and Positive Psychology Expert, leaded the session.

How businesses will emerge from this pandemic

New York

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the economy in ways previously unimaginable. Both supply and demand have been halted by the necessity of staying at home and keeping social distance in order to stop the spread of this deadly virus, pushing businesses to either stop their activity or work remotely. While the US is starting to reopen, all signs point that the “new normal” will become permanent and we will never go back to the “old ways” of living our lives and conducting business.

Esade Alumni NYC Chapter organized a webinar held by Michael Spellacy, Capital Markets Global Industry Leader at Accenture, and David M. Wright, Founder & CEO of Disruptive Innovations to discuss on what the biggest opportunities are coming out of this pandemic, and how businesses need to adjust and transform themselves in order to continue to become relevant and to operate seamlessly.

Managing fear in companies


Would you give your privacy to be healthy? How long will the new normality stay with us? Do human beings live with diseases since we exist? Will healthy racism prevail? These are some of the questions derived from COVID-19 that affect people’s health, business, economy and individual rights. The Esade Alumni Miami Chapter held the webinar “The management of fear in companies” on June 16 by Pedro Galvan, founder of,,,, and President of the Chapter Esade Alumni Miami, to answer these and other questions about the current situation.

How to save your 2020 P&L? 10 tips to prevail despite the virus


2020 Profit and Loss accounts are in danger. The pandemic crisis seriously threatens profitability including business viability. The webinar “How to save your 2020 P&L? 10 Tips to prevail despite the virus” by Sergi Corbeto, organized by the Esade Alumni Zürich Chapter talked about customer centricity, exploring and opening new markets, accelerating innovation in processes, services, and products, liquid Organizations and Digitization of sales among other strategies, defining a protocol that maximizes the probabilities of organizational continuity and evolution. Sergi Corbeto is founder and CEO of Mind the Gap, an agency that offers highly innovative solutions to drive Organizational Transformation. In addition, Sergi is the Director of Disruptive Management program at ESADE.

INNpulsa and entrepreneurship in Covid-19 times


The Chapter Esade Alumni Colombia held the session entitled “Webinar – INNpulsa and entrepreneurship in Covid-19 times” by Ignacio Gaitán. A seminar in which alumni had the opportunity to analyze the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in the economic reactivation in a post-COVID era, in particular the actions of INNpulsa as an implementer of the policy of the Colombian State in this relevant field.

How to manage your money during uncertain times


With the webinar “How to manage your money during uncertain times” the Esade Alumni Boston Chapter discussed the best practices of how to manage your money and mitigate financial anxiety during this pandemic. The webinar was hosted by Silvia Manent, Founder and Managing Partner of Manent Capital, a Boston-based financial advising firm that focuses on helping people understand their personal finances so that they can feel accomplished, confident, and excited about investing in their future dream goals.

Current situation in China under COVID-19 impact


The Esade Alumni Beijing and Shanghai Chapters in China united forces to bring a workshop to explore the current situation, projections and trends under COVID-19 impact on three different industries.  The webinar hosts Weiwen (Wyman) Zhao (MBA 16) who talked about the impact of COVID-19 to healthcare industry in China. He answered the questions “Healthcare’s New Normal, from which what can we expect?” and “What opportunities do we see in this epidemic?”, and gave Healthcare investment trends and tips for start-ups. Weiwen is now Partner of Miracle Light Venture (MLV), the VC fund of BGI group. The second speaker was Leiguang (Charlie) Cao (MBA 15), who deepened in China-US technology competitions under current global circumstances. Leiguang is president of Cloud & AI Business Group in Huawei Argentina.

Thriving in the New Normal:  Beyond just surviving the pandemic


How we choose to live through these times will allow us to grow stronger and indeed benefit from it – and also quite possible to even enjoy many aspects – in spite of the serious real-life issues and tragedies that many of us are currently facing. The Esade Alumni Chapters in Italy organized an interactive workshop by Alexandra Panayotou for Alumni who are living in Italy to share and learn how to thrive the situation we are facing nowadays. Alexandra Panayotou is a charismatic motivational speaker and executive guide/coach, who works in personal and professional development both in Spain and internationally. She inspires others to strive for more in their lives, and to further develop themselves. Alex regularly presents to and works with leading executives of top global business organizations, including, Danone, Telefonica, Coca-Cola, ESADE Business School, and since 2014 she is a strategic partner of ManpowerGroup Greece.