#ESADEstories – Marie-Anne & Albert, the world as a hometown

Following the tour of different continents, to meet some of the ESADE alumni, who tell us about their beginnings, their goals and concerns, #ESADEstories brings us closer to the experience of Marie-Anne Lambert (Paris, 1988) and Albert Vellvé (Barcelona, 1983).

Marie-Anne and Albert Vellvé first caught each other’s eye in the corridors of ESADE, where Marie-Anne did her double degree in MSc in Marketing Management and Albert was pursuing a Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE) after spending several years abroad.

After meeting in Barcelona, the pair spent three months travelling around Latin America before settling down in Berlin, where they both found work within weeks of their arrival. Marie-Anne is now the Global Head of Paid and Mobile Marketing at HelloFresh, a company founded by the tech giant Rocket Internet Gmbh, and Albert is the Business Owner for Distributed Commerce at Zalando, the European online Fashion leader ecommerce retailer.

For Marie-Anne and Albert, studying at ESADE was a way to maximise their global profile. It was also a stepping-stone to a new life in Berlin, where they decided to have their first child. Marie-Anne and Albert are used to travelling constantly as they belong to a generation of couples for whom the world is their hometown. For them, fulfilment – whether professional or personal – can be found in any corner of the globe.

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